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Codoku puzzles

My database includes 2980 puzzles for the moment and I'm constantly generating more.

Rules: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every box contains the letters named under the board. If you read the grey cells from upper left to bottom right you will find a text from the link "Text from". There is only 1 solution for each puzzle. These text can be in any language.

Enjoy the puzzles

66790 puzzles downloaded.

F   V     R   L -   Y O T C H  
  E O         T               L
  H   T   -   E N L   C   I   V
I       M           F       N  
  F     R     N C V     S      
S     C     E                 Y
O A   V       Y F   S I   N E  
      E         O M L   R      
      M       F       A L   C  
  C N   H M   I E       Y   T S
A       N         H     - O   E
      L     S R M     T     A  
  N       S           F       H
C   I       R - H   M   E   S  
H               A           F  
  - M Y F H   V I   N     T   O
Showing puzzle number: 1097
Puzzletype: Optimal Sudoku
Startnumbers: 102
Difficulty: Very easy (0)
Solution methods: SiSo SC
Text from: The Ballad of the White Horse
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